Vehicle Maintenance Workshop


Vehicles are machines designed to perform a specific function and like every machine, they need to be properly maintained in order to consistently perform at the levels they were designed to perform.

This training teaches fundamental skills and simple standard operations for keeping vehicles in tip-top shape. It is delivered in a very simple language to ensure that anybody can learn and apply these skills.


Course Outline

  • Who is a driver?
  • The critical function of a driver
  • Familiarise
  • Maintain
  • Drive
  • Type of maintenance
  • Advantages of maintenance
  • Disadvantages of maintenance
  • Primary and Secondary Checks
  • Importance of checks to vehicles
  • Safety Precautions in Vehicles
  • Stakeholders in vehicle maintenance.

Who Should Attend

Executive Drivers,

Pool Drivers, Sky Police Drivers,

Personal Drivers, Dispatch Riders and Fleet Managers


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