Strategic Planning


If you and the people who work with you don’t understand where the company is going, they may all develop their own priorities and actually and actually prevent you from getting where you need to be. Part of getting everyone on board is creating a strategic plan that aligns with the organization’s values, vision, and mission. Then there’s the challenge of bringing these principles to life in a meaningful way that people can relate to. This one-day course will help you describe what you want to do and get people where you want to go.


Course Outline

  • Understanding strategic planning
  • Identifying your values
  • Designing your vision
  • Writing a mission statement
  • Performing SWOT and PEST analyses
  • Setting goals
  • Assigning roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Gathering support
  • Making the change
  • Presentation options(infographics, reports,etc.)
  • Getting there successfully
  • Plenty of case studies and practice opportunities.


Learning Objective

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

  • Write a mission statement that explains what the company’s purpose is;
  • Recognize tools and techniques to create a strategic plan that directs the organization from the executives to the front line;
  • List ways to implement, evaluate and review a strategic plan; and
  • Identify how related tools such as the strategy map and balanced scorecard can help them develop a strategic plan


Who should Attend

Top-level managers


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