Graphics Design Training

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Graphic designers work with images as well as text in order to design and create visually appealing elements, including brochures, logos, advertisements, and websites. In order to create these items, graphic designers will often work with a variety of different types of images, including photographs, paintings, and digital media.

This course Graphic Design, Illustration and Publishing are divided into fundamental and advanced courses. Fundamental courses are designed for complete beginners and lay a solid foundation in graphic design, illustration, and publishing. The fundamental course also prepares the students for Adobe Certified Associate in exams.

The Advance courses are targeted to professional who had sound fundamental skill in the related software and tools, it targets specific professional areas and treats each topic in-depth beyond the essentials. The advanced course prepares students for Adobe Certified Experts Exams in certain Adobe Applications.



What does it take to be a graphic designer? The design is a complex art that involves many different skills and tools, but this course breaks down the core topics and software. Graphic Design, Illustration & Publishing fundamental course aimed those who have little or no graphic design experience and wish to learn quickly.

The focus of the course is to introduce graphic design’s basic building blocks and tools necessary to create attention-grabbing contents and visuals.

In addition, this course teaches the most efficient ways to perform common design tasks, including layout, image editing, drawing shapes, and working with type and fonts. Students will learn the secrets of nondestructive editing using Smart Objects and master features such as layers, artboards, libraries, adjustment layers, filters, blending modes, layer effects, typography, custom brushes, vector masks, and covers the below software packages up to intermediate level.

No prior knowledge of graphic design skill is required to start this course.


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