Financial Modeling Training


We live in a high paced business environment with critical transactions, calculations, analysis and data constantly dictating the extent of business success. Simply put, the 21st-century business is transacted at the speed of light. Companies who operate at annual speed and transact business the old way, generally find themselves left behind. Financial Modeling is one critical tool at the force of this business revolution. It allows organizations to operate at remarkable speed and a respectable level of accuracy.


Course Outline

MODULE ONE – Data Manipulation

  • Input and Assumption
  • Revenue
  • Expense
  • Debt schedule
  • Capital expenditure
  • Income statement

MODULE TWO – Financial Models

  • Investment Analysis and Ratio analysis & Sensitivities
  • Cash flow
  • Balance Sheet

MODULE THREE – Building Dashboard for Financial Models

Learning Objectives

At the end of the training program, participants will be able to:

  • Be able to build a Cash flow Statement ;
  • Demonstrate the use and application of valuation Models;and
  • Know how to create models for Business Results ;
  • Carry out a Sensitivity Analysis ; and
  • Excellently use Excel to perform financial transactions

Who Should Attend?

All staff responsible for collecting, analyzing or managing data in Finance, Management, Manufacturing,
Distribution and Retailing, Procurement, Administration, Supply Chain, Logistics
Professionals, Business Analyst, Research Executives and Non-Financial Managers



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