Leverage provides organizations and individuals the opportunity for career and personal development.

On Leverage, you can learn and develop soft and technical skills required to enhance and increase your knowledge and performance. Consequently, you become a ‘Resource’ required to maximally achieve business objectives.

The courses are engaging, interactive and impactful.

The Leverage App is designed to provide the convenience of ‘learning on the go’ and other amazing features embedded to create great learning experience for the Learners.

With Leverage, learning is fun!

Some Features of the Leverage LMS include

Instant Certificate – Learners get to print certificates instantly upon completion of a course.

Trending courses – Carefully selected relevant and trending courses designed

Mobile App: Leverage App can be downloaded on Android and IOS mobile phone providing flexibility for Learners.

Visual Learning: The courses are designed with visual aids to foster engagement. Short videos are used to introduce the courses.

Community support: A chat feature is embedded to support Learners and foster interaction amongst the Learners. High-interest discussion questions encourage students to share learning experiences with each other.

Short bit learning

Some call it granular, others call it chunked; they mean the same thing. Learners want short yet impactful courses and we provide that.