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Associates/Entry Level

Available in 2 countries(Nigeria and Ghana), the BPO certifications for entry-level professionals are the continent’s most powerful international qualifications for career starters not only in the BPO space but also in other industries like hospitality, travel, banking, telecom and retailing. These certifications cover the most important and popular career areas…

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  • LearnPress October 19, 2017 @ 7:52 am

    So happy with this course. Want more from this instructor

  • LearnPress October 19, 2017 @ 8:16 am

    Good one. But there’s still space for improvement

  • Tom Steven October 20, 2017 @ 9:34 am

    Very excited about the news. Is it free?

    • Daziy Millar October 20, 2017 @ 9:36 am

      Yes it’s free!

  • Cad Services December 22, 2018 @ 11:05 am

    Awesome article!

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